Corporate Social Responsibility

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.
Our ambition is to run a healthy and responsible business, focused on food safety, and with care for our employees, society and the environment. We believe this is the best way to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future.

Our corporate social responsibility agenda is wide and diverse. Our goal is to make sustainability a competitive strength. We are an active and inclusive workplace. We have strong ethical purchasing guidelines. Bearing this in mind, we will continue to develop Hennig-Olsen Is in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and continuously improve the way we work.

People and diversity

For 50 years, Hennig-Olsen Is has been actively working to create a diverse workplace. We are convinced that diversity strengthens our company culture.

Currently, employees from almost 30 different nationalities create a rich community in the company. Everyone, regardless of nationality, religion or cultural background will be appreciated, respected and included. In 2007, Hennig-Olsen received "Mangfoldsprisen” – a national diversity award – for our diversity efforts in the workplace. Every day we strive to be a workplace where everyone may thrive.


We aim to contribute to trade that promotes sustainable development. As a company, Hennig-Olsen Is has great influence that we can use in a positive way. Therefore, we work to influence our suppliers and partners to combine sound operations with a commitment to act responsibly in relation to society and the environment. Challenging commodity markets like cocoa, sugar, fat and vanilla, require us to follow up our suppliers with extraordinary diligence.

To clarify our ethical position, Hennig-Olsen has adopted ethical procurement guidelines, which all our suppliers and partners must sign and follow. In addition, we are a proud member of the Ethical Trade Initiative (IEH).

The Environment

At Hennig-Olsen Is, we are committed to taking care of the environment. One important measure is to reduce food waste in production. Therefore, leftover ice cream is used as fodder for some lucky pigs in Søgne.

Our goal is to become a climate-neutral business. Since 2010, we have reduced emissions by 50 percent in our factory. We have also replaced 1000 freezers in supermarkets across the country. This led to an annual reduction in power consumption corresponding to 200 households. In addition, co-operation with wholesalers contributes to low emissions in distribution.

By focusing on the environment throughout the value chain, we contribute to positive and sustainable development.


Excellent taste and quality start with excellent ingredients. We handpick all commodity suppliers to ensure first-class products and sustainable production. Therefore, we can be sure that everything from berries and fruits to vanilla, nuts and cocoa are of the best quality. At the factory, we produce not only ice cream but also almond brittle, chocolate, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, fruit sauce and jams.

Real Norwegian cream is perhaps the most important ingredient in our ice cream. The cream should be as fresh as possible to preserve flavour. Every morning, we taste the cream to ensure its quality. That is how we can give you the “Crème de la Crème of ice cream”.


The government's dietary advice is clear and the focus on health has never been greater. At the same time, our customers make high demands on the products we make.

Hennig-Olsen Is have a long tradition of making ice cream with natural ingredients, brimming with fruit and berries. We have reduced the sugar content in some products, so that everyone can enjoy our ice cream. Our packaging is carefully labelled to make sure people know what they add to their shopping cart when buying a product from Hennig-Olsen Is.

We are ISO 22000 Food Safety Certified. This ensures continuous focus on hygiene and product safety – from ingredients to production and all the way to the ice cream counter.