The “Crème de la Crème of ice cream” since 1924


Daytime (09am - 2pm)
38 00 11 00
Service hotline (week 12-36)
38 00 14 00

With our nationwide service network, Hennig-Olsen Is can provide immediate service and customer support via telephone. Contact us during the day (8-16) by phone 38 00 11 00. Outside of office hours during peak season (week 12-36) you may call our hotline at 38 00 14 00).


The facade must both inform and tempt. We know that many people prefer ice cream from Hennig-Olsen to other ice creams and that the brand attracts customers. Flags and poster stands show both logo and product. The rubbish bins, which should primarily keep the area neat and tidy, also signify quality. See the materials we offer our dealers below, visit our image gallery, download the correct logo versions or see this year’s product catalogue.

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