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Hennig-Olsen Is is the oldest ice cream producer in the Nordic region. We have developed and produced premium quality ice cream based on secret recipes for more than 90 years. Every year we produce approximately 30 million litres of ice cream and frozen desserts at our factory in Hannevika, outside Kristiansand. This accounts for almost half of the Norwegian ice cream market. In addition, we make our own chocolate, caramel, almond brittle and jam.

Today, we are about 230 employees from almost 30 different nationalities. In addition to the headquarter in Kristiansand, Hennig-Olsen Is has regional offices in Oslo, Haugesund, Bergen, Molde, Trondheim and Tromsø.


Hennig-Olsen Is is a third-generation family company, and one of few privately owned companies in the food industry in Norway. Since 1924, our secret ice cream recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Today, we proudly carry on the tradition and put our heart and soul into creating the «Cream of ice cream».


From 1924 to present.

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1924 – The beginning of a family adventure

Sven Hennig-Olsen went to Chicago as a young man, where he learned to make ice cream like the professionals in the United States. When Sven returned to Kristiansand in 1924, he brought equipment for making ice cream, a book full of recipes and great ambitions.

In August of the same year, he opened a shop in Markens gate 29, and started making ice cream in the basement. Ice cream should contain plenty of cream, egg yolk and natural fruits and berries. Sven was certain that high quality ingredients would produce high quality ice cream!

1960 – From ice cream bar to ice cream factory

When Hennig-Olsen Is was established, ice cream was a seasonal treat consumed in the summer months. However, when Otto Hennig-Olsen took over the family business in the late 1950's, he had bigger visions. Otto wanted to sell ice cream throughout the whole year. Over time it became more common to own a freezer, and the demand for ice cream increased.

The factory opened in 1960, down by the seafront in Hannevika, just outside of Kristiansand. It did not take many years before expansions and improvements were planned. Otto’s ambition was to be more than a local ice cream supplier – he wanted to sell ice cream to all of Norway. Thus, Hennig-Olsen Is established a distribution network and found loyal partners in several parts of the country. In a competitive market, being a family-owned business was an advantage; Decisions could be made quickly and new ideas could be realised in a short period of time.

1980 – The battle of the ice cream market

In the 1980s, there were many small and medium-sized ice cream factories in Norway. In Hannevika, Hennig-Olsen Is produced ice cream at full speed and ate its way into the national ice cream market.

In the struggle to survive in the ice cream market, the main allies were the customers. It was crucial to always produce the best ice cream and develop new ice cream products that would appeal to the customers. In the middle of 1990s, two major ice cream producers remain in the Norwegian market. One of them is Hennig-Olsen Is, which continue to gain market shares.

1993 – Third generation

The emergence of major supermarket chains in the 1980s helped to consolidate the success. Through an agreement with the wholesale and retail company NorgesGruppen, Hennig-Olsen Is secured nationwide distribution of its ice cream in 1993.

It was time for the third generation to step up. I 1996 Paal Hennig-Olsen took over as CEO, while his younger brother Espen started working with branding. The time was right to professionalise and modernise the organisation. Still, the third generation had the same ambitions of delivering high quality products. In 1996, we established the slogan «Cream of ice cream!», expressing the flavour and quality we constantly strive towards.

2017 – 93 years with the Cream of ice cream

Today, Hennig-Olsen Is is a modern ice cream factory – still located in Hannevika. We produce almost 30 million litres of ice cream and frozen desserts a year, in addition to our own chocolate, caramel, almond brittle and jam. Every day we pursue new innovations and ice cream successes, while ensuring that lovers of our traditional ice cream bars such as «Kroneis» and «Båtis» get the highest quality ice cream.

As a tribute to the people's classic through many decades, we made the world's largest «Kroneis» in 2015. We will continue to challenge and push boarders in the years to come. Our secret recipes will always form the basis for most of our production. The rest is passionate craftsmanship, dedication and an unstoppable pursuit of excellence.

The Organisation

Paal Hennig-Olsen


Jan-Erik Narvesen

HR Director

Hege Fiskaadal

Quality Director

Vibekke Hellesund

CFO / Chief Financial Officer

Jarl Søvik Olsen

Supply Chain Director

Lillian Susanne Hall

Marketing Director

John Kjellesvik

Sales Director

Ronny Matre Wulff

Director Business Development

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We are always looking for new colleagues. Currently, we have great staff of about 230 full time positions at the ice cream factory in Kristiansand and our regional offices in Oslo, Haugesund, Bergen, Molde, Trondheim and Tromsø.

We look forward to hearing from you, whether you have inquiries about one of our vacancies or just want to send us an open application.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.
Our ambition is to run a healthy and responsible business, focused on food safety, and with care for our employees, society and the environment. We believe this is the best way to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future.

Our corporate social responsibility agenda is wide and diverse. Our goal is to make sustainability a competitive strength. We are an active and inclusive workplace. We have strong ethical purchasing guidelines. Bearing this in mind, we will continue to develop Hennig-Olsen Is in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and continuously improve the way we work.

People and diversity

For 50 years, Hennig-Olsen Is has been actively working to create a diverse workplace. We are convinced that diversity strengthens our company culture.

Currently, employees from almost 30 different nationalities create a rich community in the company. Everyone, regardless of nationality, religion or cultural background will be appreciated, respected and included. In 2007, Hennig-Olsen received "Mangfoldsprisen” – a national diversity award – for our diversity efforts in the workplace. Every day we strive to be a workplace where everyone may thrive.


We aim to contribute to trade that promotes sustainable development. As a company, Hennig-Olsen Is has great influence that we can use in a positive way. Therefore, we work to influence our suppliers and partners to combine sound operations with a commitment to act responsibly in relation to society and the environment. Challenging commodity markets like cocoa, sugar, fat and vanilla, require us to follow up our suppliers with extraordinary diligence.

To clarify our ethical stand, Hennig-Olsen Is has adopted ethical procurement guidelines, which all our suppliers and partners must sign and follow. In addition, we are proud member of the Ethical Trade Initiative (IEH).

The Environment

At Hennig-Olsen Is, we are committed to taking care of the environment. One important measure is to reduce food waste in production. Therefore, leftover ice cream is used as fodder for some lucky pigs in Søgne.

Our goal is to become a climate-neutral business. Since 2010, we have reduced emissions by 50 percent in our factory. We have also replaced 1000 freezers in supermarkets across the country. This led to an annual reduction in power consumption corresponding to 200 households. In addition, co-operation with wholesalers contributes to low emissions in distribution.

By focusing on the environment throughout the value chain, we contribute to positive and sustainable development.


Excellent taste and quality start with excellent ingredients. We handpick all commodity suppliers to ensure first-class products and sustainable production. Therefore, we can be sure that everything from berries and fruits to vanilla, nuts and cocoa are of the best quality. At the factory, we produce not only ice cream but also almond brittle, chocolate, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, fruit sauce and jams.

Real Norwegian cream is perhaps the most important ingredient in our ice cream. The cream should be as fresh as possible to preserve flavour. Every morning, we taste the cream to ensure its quality. That is how we can give you the «Cream of ice cream».


The government's dietary advice is clear and the focus on health has never been greater. At the same time, our customers make high demands on the products we make.

Hennig-Olsen Is have a long tradition of making ice cream with natural ingredients, brimming with fruit and berries. We have reduced the sugar content in some products, so that everyone can enjoy our ice cream. Our packaging is carefully labelled to make sure people know what they add to their shopping cart when buying a product from Hennig-Olsen Is.

We are ISO 22000 Food Safety Certified. This ensures continuous focus on hygiene and product safety – from ingredients to production and all the way to the ice cream counter.